Branding is so much more than a logo.

To many companies, branding is everything.

It represents the sum of people’s perception of the company.

Branding has the potential to improve company recognition, create trust, support advertising, inspire employees and generate new customers.

At Team Austin, we love branding. Any entrepreneur needs to put serious time and thought into the goals, mission, and beliefs of their brand while establishing a new company.


A peek at five of our favorite brands:


Outdoor Voices: Streaming outta Austin, TX, this up and coming athletic apparel company utilizes social media to its very best.

Their slogan #doingthings instantly invites fans to post photos of them out and about and enjoying their lives. This builds a fun and engaging social community which helps establish customer loyalty and increase sales.


Red Bull: From an energy drink to an entire lifestyle brand, Red Bull proves the power of the media and everyone’s love for adrenaline.

They associate their brand with an amazingly wide range of people, teams and events. They create their own events rather than being one company in the mix of multiple sponsors.

This forces the brand to stand out and keeps their name on top of the mainstream.

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Whole Foods: Whole Foods established themselves as more than just a shopping experience.

It’s almost an event. No matter what time of day - there could be something going on.

Yoga on the rooftop, live band on the patio, ice skating during the holidays or wine pairing with Italian food.

They created a space the exemplifies a healthy, active and enjoyable lifestyle. This leaves customers feeling good and wanting to come back and (buy) more.


Nike: One of the O.G. brand builders, Nike built their brand off the “Just Do It” mantra.

Whether it’s running a marathon, scoring a goal at your first soccer game or giving back to the community - Nike creates clothing to inspire and satisfy those needs.

They also created a simple logo (the swoosh) that can easily be recognized anywhere.


REI: Through great branding and public relations, REI stands out as a company who cares about their customers but also their cause.

In 2015, REI made a bold statement to #OptOutside during Black Friday sales. While most companies seize the day to capitalize on the consumerism of America, REI decided that mentality didn’t follow their message.

They shut down all stores and spread the word to enjoy the day outside rather than inside a store. This established respect and trust from their customers, made people feel good about purchasing from REI and expanded to a broader new customer outreach through publicity.


Branding allows people to connect with a product.

Through an emotional pull, it allows companies to direct their goals to the exact audience they need.

And the most profitable companies have a single trait in common: They establish themselves as a leader in a particular industry and thrive through taking actions that follow their mission.


Now, it’s your turn!

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