5 Keys to Transform Your Goals Into Realities

With every new year comes new ideas and desires we want to achieve… yet how many of our goals remain intentions?

We mean to do this or that, but time slips away, and eventually we talk about them in past tense…."I wanted to..." or "I tried..."


2017 is the time to act. This year, forgo the excuses. The best way to do that?

Put pen to paper.

We often find ourselves fantasizing about what we want to achieve, but no real way to help us reach it.

Here's why writing them down works:


1. It forces you to find direction.

Write down everything you've ever dreamed of doing. Envision your ideal life. Sometimes our ideas stay ideas because we forget.

Former Google career coach, Jenny Blake explains how creating mind maps helps people brainstorm your desires in a productive way.


2. It makes you prioritize.

Once you've created your wish list, pinpoint three goals that are most important for you. With every action you take, ask yourself, "Will this help me reach my goal?" If the answer is no, redirect yourself.

image1 (1).gif

Example: Is hula hooping on your bed gonna help you get your goals done? Probably not.


3. It pushes you to create "next steps."

Remember SMART goals? It's time to break down the goals into steps that are specific, actionable, measurable, and timely.

Let's say you want to learn Spanish. Do you want to conduct business in Spanish? Speak conversationally while traveling? Create the game plan.


4. It gives you something to look forward to.

You figured out step one, step two, step three. Use a planner to organize it or hang up a calendar.


Reward yourself when you check off an item off of the list. Celebrate the small wins to keep you inspired.


5. It makes it real.

Find a spot to put your goals. Maybe it's on the front door of your apartment or the mirror in your bathroom. Who doesn’t like an inspirational sticky note? Remind yourself EVERY single day of what you set out to achieve.

There are tons of ideas lost in our brains only because we didn't write them down. We forgot about them. We got distracted by the next thing. Hold onto your dreams. Write them down. Look at them. Realize them.