Software Engineer Training Requirements Being a Software Engineer goes far beyond a simple computer programming. In a technological world that is constantly changing, software engineers have endless opportunities to create, innovate, and explore. These new age pioneers are responsible for creating everything we see: from the apps on our smart phones to our web browsers and computer software.

Computers and devices only work as well as the software programmed into them. Because of this, skilled software engineers are constantly in high demand. A survey led by the fastest growing job and recruiting websites, Glassdoor, rated software engineering in the 25 Best Jobs in America. It is listed as one of the highest paid career opportunity fields with a median base salary of $95,000 a year.

Demand and monetary benefits aside, this exciting career opportunity is attainable. At MakerSquare, they have crafted a modern coding and programming boot camp that prepares students to join “top flight” engineering teams in as little as three months. This program is bound to fulfill the necessary software engineer training requirements. Candidates looking to apply to their twelve-week immersive program must have a foundation in computer science, JavaScript and technical problem-solving skills. There is a common misconception that coders are loners who sit in a dark room all day, hacking away at their keyboards, utterly isolated from the rest of the world. More and more companies are finding communication and work place engagement to be a huge asset among their engineers. To be a software engineer, you have to have the ability to work as part of a team and communicate with multiple different departments. In addition, you are required to cater to different personalities, paces and backgrounds within a business. This is why they are looking for applicants who have the ability to work well with others and communicate effectively. Technology is changing at a rapid pace. As an engineer, you have to be able to fill your tool belt with as much as you can while constantly adding new techniques, languages, and platforms to your repertoire. It is vital that engineers are aware of what they are, how they work, and what they can do for them. Candidates for our program must have a student mentality, curiosity and willingness to learn more in order to develop alongside the industry. It is impossible to ever know it all; you have to be capable of exploring and breaking new ground. “ I don’t know” is common, “I’ll find out” is the key. It is thought that to be a software engineer you are required to be good at math. In reality, the computer does the math. You just have to know what math to use and be good at problem solving and logic. The programmers are the conductors and the computers are the ones that do the grunt work. Much like the scientific method, engineers need to be able to ask a question, conduct research, construct and test a hypothesis, analyze data and draw a conclusion. Finally, they need to be able to communicate those results effectively. Their typical student is educated and intelligent but maybe does not quite know what to do with their degree. They are looking to build and retrain their current skills in order to find something that is financially more rewarding. Some students are seeking an alternative option to a four-year collage or supplementing their current degree. Others are existing engineers who want to broaden and hone their skills. Transitioning into this lifestyle can happen really fast, even within the same year as you make the decision. Prepare well for a program that takes a lot of time, effort and hard work. After only twelve short weeks, students who truly dedicate themselves to their program will not only meet standard software engineer training requirements, but will also become eligible for outstanding careers in software engineering. 96% of their graduates are currently working as full-time software engineers and have gone on to work for multinational corporations such as IBM, Amazon, HP and many more. They are looking for hardworking and motivated people who are enthusiastic about learning and developing new or sharpening existing skills. Their immersive and comprehensive program can lead to a financially stable and fulfilling career opportunity as a software engineer. If this sounds like you, don't hesitate and start building the skills and knowledge needed to get started via this link: