More than ever, we see office spaces feature full bars, ping pong tables, unlimited cold brew, even arcade games.

This shift away from the traditional workspace has reached big companies like Google and Facebook to the individual freelancer who can work from a coffee shop of their choice.

To celebrate the start of SXSW, we hosted The Workplace Revolution to discuss this paradigm shift and what it means for this new generation who expect more.

The event took place at atxFACTORY -- a coworking space focused on building a community of members who want to better themselves, each other, and their environment.

It's the perfect example of what people look for in today's work environment -- a space to be creative and innovative. atxFACTORY is one of 58 co-working spaces in Austin, serving one million people.


And the crazy thing is ... it's not just co-working spaces that are designing offices to inspire their employees.

Businesses like theChive intrigue potential job candidates with their full bar and homemade slide, showing off their fun company culture.

"We wanted to create a space for us. What we thought was fun and a place we thought people could work and be comfortable," said John Resig, Co-Founder of Resignation Media.


It's simple, right?

People want to work somewhere they feel comfortable. We spend eight hours of our day in an office, why not make it somewhere you want to be? By focusing on company culture, theChive noted an increase with employee retention.

But there are the people who want desk independence, like Neville Medhora of Kopywriting Kourse, who prefers working through tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Slack.

Regardless of whether someone is freelancing in Thailand or working for a big corporation, Radney Wood, COO of Globekick, said it best:

"It’s about finding where the next great work comes from… it comes from collaboration and not just the people you interact with on the day-to-day. It’s a scientist, a lawyer, an entrepreneur you share ideas with."


It all comes down to individuals doing their best work. It's about continuing to develop a generation of innovators.

What's your take?