The Coffee Ask

You’ve been silently following this person for months now. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Even their e-mail newsletter. You respect the advice they share, you envy their career and hustle.

You know they have great things to share, but how do you get to know this person? The only way is to be bold, and take them out for coffee…

The question is how do you do ask them without feeling… weird. Stalker-ish even.

In minute 2:58 of Noah Kagan’s Advice for 25 Year Old Self, he talks about scoring that meeting -- mentor, influencer in your field, whoever.

Hear what he says?

It doesn’t even have to be coffee.

Seriously. Take them out to their favorite restaurant, food truck, or ice cream shop.

The point is, take them somewhere “THEY” love, make it about them, not “YOU”.

Entice them for a meeting. Get that meeting. Value their time. Learn something new.

Because in the end, you asked for the meeting to gain something, but let’s be real, no one likes a leech.

Harsh, I know. Even using the word "leech”leaves a bad taste in your mouth, right? Ick.

Don’t be that person. Your coffee meeting, taco meeting, whatever… NEEDS to be mutually beneficial. Can you teach them something? Can you give them a new perspective?

Here’s a simple example:

I want to jump into freelance copywriting and got connected with Stephanie, a freelance email marketing strategist and copywriter.

Stephanie is living abroad long-term in Southeast Asia (I envy her, she’s a boss). I wanted to know how she got started, landed clients, all that good stuff that’s helpful for me.

She talked for a bit; slowly the conversation started to shift more into travel.

I LET IT. Why?

It was natural. I gave Stephanie my favorite websites to find cheap flights, advice on cities I’ve been to, and she left our meetup feeling like she gained something too. Plus, we’re getting real coffee next time she’s in Austin.

We both ended the call full of new knowledge and inspiration.

Now it’s your turn, who do you want to ask to coffee?

How can we help you do it?  Reply in the comment section below.