1700 S Lamar Blvd, Suite 338 Austin, TX

How to Structure and Scale your Business for Success 

This month, come learn how to form your startup, manage compliance for investors, and set financial goals for maximum impact in fundraising. 

Team Austin Speaker Series: ScaleFactor

Confused by the compliance and financial obligations of scaling your company?

How to simplify your bookkeeping and taxes to make the best decisions?

How to gain valuable insights (like a CPA would), without becoming a CPA?

Attend our July Speaker Series to find out how!


When: Wednesday, July 12, 2017  6:00p-9:00p

Where: fibercove, 1700 S Lamar Blvd #338

Who: Trio of ScaleFactor executives

• Kurt Rathmann, CEO & Founder, ScaleFactor

• Andrew Millet, Director of Services, ScaleFactor

• Mike Bryant, Growth Manager, ScaleFactor


Hear from a distinguished panel of executives from ScaleFactor, the smart finance, and accounting tool to start, grow and operate your business.


• Business Operations: Cloud-Based Solutions to Simplify Reporting

 Compliance: Establishing Accounting & Operations Best Practices

• Growth Analytics: The Value of KPI-Driven Decision Making

• Quantitative Data: Secrets to Successful Data-Driven Fundraising



Kurt Rathmann, CEO & Founder, ScaleFactor

Kurt is a born and raised entrepreneur. He brings a diverse background measuring and growing businesses and functions as the Chief Everything Officer. He has a keen focus for growing revenue, refining operations and developing people. He is a news junkie, technological optimist, and has inherited the travel bug with a passion for exploring the world with his awesome wife. 

Andrew Millet, Director of Services, ScaleFactor

Andrew leads the ScaleFactor Services team of experts, overseeing all aspects of service delivery and related internal functions. Applying his background in Public Accounting, Andrew develops solutions which balance the unique needs and focused resources of growing businesses to empower their success. When not on the grind, Andrew can be found at one of his favorite music venues, running around Town Lake, or finding the next place to travel.

Mike Bryant, Growth Manager, ScaleFactor

Mike is responsible for understanding client needs and matching them to the right ScaleFactor resources. When he's not scribing engagement letters or taking credit for the delivery team's work, he enjoys watching re-runs of the 2006 Rose Bowl, smoking competitive BBQ and welcoming the influx of new Austinites to his birthplace.