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201 Colorado Street Austin, TX

How to partner with a 23 Billion Dollar Bank & MasterCard - The Charity Charge Story 

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The summer speaker series has arrived! - Sponsored by Vela Wood

When: Friday 4/22/2016 | 5:30pm-8:30pm

Where: Google Fiber Space (201 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701

Who: Stephen Garten (CEO Charity Charge)


Your first speaker this year is Stephen Garten, CEO of Charity Charge 

Charity Charge (a Public Benefit Corporation based in Austin) is the credit card that lets you earn 1% cash back as a donation to any charity, religious organization, k-12 school, or college of your choice.  

Inspired by companies like TOMS and Warby Parker, Charity Charge is innovating in an industry that's not used to innovation.

Sometimes, the smartest ideas are the simplest... 

However, partnering with the titans of industry is anything but easy. 

So how does one kid manage to partner with a $23 billion dollar bank & MasterCard? 

Trust us... This story is filled with insight, drama, and perseverance.  

You don't want to miss out.  

Come learn how to make your dreams a reality, partner with giant corporations and build successful teams with Team Austin & Charity Charge

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• 5:30: Networking, Drinks, Food, Fun

• 6:30: Learn from Stephen Garten w/Q&A session

• 7:30: More Drinks, Food & Fun, this is your chance to chat about your ideas, what you learned and meet amazing people. 

About Stephen Garten

Stephen Garten is the founder and CEO of Charity Charge. 

Taught from a very young age to give back whenever he could, Stephen materialized this lesson into Charity Charge as a way for him to give back and make it incredibly easy for others to do the same. 

In 2015, Stephen was chosen by IBM as one of the top 5 social entrepreneurs in the US and featured on a reality TV show called A New Way to Startup.  

Stephen previously worked for the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) at the University of Texas, where he met and learned from many inspiring entrepreneurs. 

As a way to share with others this invaluable experience, Stephen now serves as a mentor for students who aspire to be entrepreneurs like himself. 


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*Note from Team Austin*  Cafe Creme is a super productive space, perfect for getting stuff done.  They also have a conference room available for rent that is perfect for meetings, study groups, or freelance work.