Executive Board

We develop entrepreneurial leadership and solve social issues in technology.

Team Austin Executive Board

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Brandon Monroe
Vice President
Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Nutrabolt

I’m a passionate marketing leader by day and sports lover all day, every day. I like to play competitive sand volleyball in my free time. I’m deathly afraid of heights, but love flying on airplanes. If I could retire tomorrow, I'd spend the rest of my days traveling the world. First stop, Antarctica. I hear it's cool.

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JR Skrabanek
Director of Legal
Senior Counsel, Snell Law Firm

I am an attorney who serves as Outside General Counsel to rapid growth companies. I specialize in commercial litigation and sharing my expertise on avoiding liabilities. I’m passionate about providing equal access to justice. I was an avid high school and college debater. In my spare time, I write, record, and produce music with my band, Cutest Buddhist.

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Joe Michaels
Management Consultant, Self-Employed

I help small businesses build their foundations through strategy, finance, and operations support. I love brainstorming with my wife and spending time with my kids. I have tobogganed down the Great Wall of China twice. I love traveling and have taken cooking classes on 3 continents. I’ve worked at IBM HQ, in 7 different countries, and at a startup. I once won a prize in a mustache contest.

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Ammad Jilani
CTO, Trelar

I manage a team of engineers for an Artificial Intelligence software company. I like helping people grow. I still write and teach how to code. I play tennis, dance, and like to cook. I like working for startups, so much to do and never enough time. I can hammer keystrokes out blindfolded.