Executive Board

We develop entrepreneurial leadership and solve social issues in technology.

Team Austin Executive Board

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Nick Black
President, Team Austin
Founder & CMO, MassConvert & FastLeadz

I’m an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and online marketing ninja. A true digital nomad who works from anywhere and everywhere there's wifi. I’m a travel-enthusiast has founded two companies (MassConvert, FastLeadz) and is the Vice President of Team Austin. And in my spare time, you can find me at the yoga studio, biking around town, or just playing in the park with my black lab, Bentley.

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Brandon Monroe
Vice President, Team Austin
Content & SEO Manager, Nutrabolt

I’m a passionate marketing leader by day and sports lover all day, every day. I like to play competitive sand volleyball in my free time. I’m deathly afraid of heights, but love flying on airplanes. If I could retire tomorrow, I'd spend the rest of my days traveling the world. First stop, Antarctica. I hear it's cool.

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Jamie DeBole
Executive Director, Team Austin
Co-Founder & CEO, GlobeKick

Co-Founder & CEO, GlobeKick. Entrepreneur with broad range of experiences. Focused on social impact through community development and travel experiences. Leader of all Team Austin events.

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JR Skrabanek
Director of Legal, Team Austin
Senior Counsel, Snell Law Firm

I am an attorney who serves as Outside General Counsel to rapid growth companies. I specialize in commercial litigation and sharing my expertise on avoiding liabilities. I’m passionate about providing equal access to justice. I was an avid high school and college debater. In my spare time, I write, record, and produce music with my band, Cutest Buddhist.

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Reza Piri
Executive Board Advisor
CEO, Gennovacap Technology

I am a full stack software developer and I love building apps and making connections for people. I have real ninja skills but I am really famous for my breakfast tacos and BBQ. I am the CEO of Gennovacap Technology, Founder of Team Austin, and I have another startup underway. I hammer keystrokes out blindfolded.

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Joe Michaels
Treasurer, Team Austin
Management Consultant, Self-Employed

I help small businesses build their foundations through strategy, finance, and operations support. I love brainstorming with my wife and spending time with my kids. I have tobogganed down the Great Wall of China twice. I love traveling and have taken cooking classes on 3 continents. I’ve worked at IBM HQ, in 7 different countries, and at a startup. I once won a prize in a mustache contest.

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Ammad Jilani
Secretary, Team Austin
Sr. Director Engineering, SparkCognition

I manage a team of engineers for an Artificial Intelligence software company. I like helping people grow. I still write and teach how to code. I play tennis, dance, and like to cook. I like working for startups, so much to do and never enough time. I can hammer keystrokes out blindfolded.